Saturday, 7 July 2012

Rezzed: The Greatest Show In Brighton

Rezzed, an event held at the Brighton Center yesterday and today, is now over. This was an event that instead of aiming to be a massive show of all the latest hit games coming out this year, went only for PC and independent games.

The show itself was very small, held in a room that was probably a less than a 5th the size of one of the E3 halls. However, that's not to say it was not worth going at all. This small space gave me plenty of chance to check out everything that was available and there was still quite a lot to see.

The two big games at the show were Aliens: Colonial Marines and Borderlands 2, both looking absolutely fantastic but were not my main focus of the show (though I did go back and play aliens a good few times!). The show was largely independent games including Prison Architect, the new game from Darwinia developers Introversion where you have to build and maintain a prison. This was certainly a bit of a left field choice from them but the brief demo got me really excited for the full game. It was really reminicient of past games from Bullfrog such as Theme Park, Theme Hospital or Dungeon Keeper.

There was also a full timetable of talks and sessions with developers as well as some others. Including Peter Molyneux and the guys at Introversion. These were a really good insight into the efforts that go into such games. The Introversion talk was especially entertaining, finding out about the history of a company that is constantly worrying about money.

I think this show was probably one of the best convention style things I've ever been to. A small show dedicated to PC and Indie games, something like that just hasn't been pulled off before and they did it really well. Giving these small developers a voice with which they could show off their latest titles without having to compete with the massive loud noises of something like PAX or E3. I almost worry that a show like this won't happen again. If it gets much bigger next year then it will be just like any other massive convention and the unique voice will be lost. I think there are certainly some improvements that could have been made to the show, but overall I thought it was fantastic and I wouldn't want too much to change if there is a show next year.

There were plenty more games at Rezzed and I'll be writing about those Tomorrow but, for now, I just feel I have to say that this show was great and I want to see more like this. I really hope that they manage to put together another show in 2013.

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