Monday, 4 June 2012

Microsoft Press Conference Summary

Today was a day of press conferences. Both Microsoft and Sony had their shows to show off their latest games and make announcements.

First up in the morning was Microsoft. Microsoft had much to show but not many games to announce. It kicked off with a stage demo of Halo 4, showing off a small piece of the single player action. This was followed by the surprise announcement of a new Splinter Cell game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist with a short trailer.

After that, all the games that followed were no shock to anyone. Tomb Raider, South Park, Resident Evil 6, Gears of war: Judgment, Fable: The journey and Forza Horizon, All looking fantastic though no real surprises.

A large chunk of the conference was dedicated to Microsofts new app called Smartglass. Smartglass allows you to sync up with your smartphone or tablet and use that as an interface. For example, you could start watching a movie on your phone and then get home and continue watching it on your tv. It sounds like a good concept yet it seems more reactionary to Nintendo and the WiiU.

As expected, Black Ops 2 had a major presence at Microsoft’s conference. Right at the end, they showed off a good chunk of the single player with a 15-20 minute demo. Showing pretty much one would expect of a Call of Duty demo, Explosions, guns and bad guys to shoot.

Overall, it was a pretty standard show from Microsoft. Though you can’t really fault them for that when there was so little that they could show off. They were never going to show any next gen hardware, so this left them in a situation of being unable to announce any huge surprises when they’ve probably got some great teams hammering away on “Xbox 720” games.

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