Wednesday, 6 June 2012

E3 Roundup: Day One

E3 day one is done and dusted and I saw and played a whole lot of stuff today. So here is what I thought of each game i played on the show floor.

First booth i wandered my way into was Square-Enix, with a huge screen showing off all sorts of big titles like hitman and tomb raider. What cought my eye was a small section with Heroes of Ruin, a 3DS title of which I knew very little. The demo started off by letting me select a character abd class and customise them a little with hair colour ect, and then the actual game started. The game pretty much played like Diablo, a top down view action RPG with dungeon crawling and loot. Those looking for soke sort of portable Diablo fix would do well by this game.

Then i went over to the next section along and played Theatrythm Final Fantasy, a rythm game based on Final Fantasy. The game was a ton of fun, having a selection of the best music from all the Final Fantasy games. Each song has you performing actions on the touch screen to the beat of the music, this is often a tap or a swipe. I had a lot of fun with this game and went back a couple of times to play it.

After that, i went to one of the big games of the show: Hitman absolution. This is a game that has had fans of the originals quite upset as most triailers imply it to be an action game when thats not what Hitman should be at all. Well if you are such a fan, then allow me to quell your fears. While it is possible to go in guns blasing and kill your target as subtley as a whale in afganistan, the best scores are given to those who take their time and use death by "accidently" leaving the gas running for example. This new Hitman is definatley more streamlined, but I would say that to it's benefit.

Up next was a trip to the koei-tecmo booth to enjoy Ninja Gaiden 3 on the WiiU. This was not such a good idea, taking a game that was never that good and tacking on the WiiU controller is bad enough but the game made no use of the extra screen other than as a pause menu. I hate to sound jaded but that game needs more improvements that a second screen.

Then i had a mosey over to the Konami booth where I first saw the Zone of the Enders HD Collection. This is exactly what you might expect, the two fantastic ZOE games, upscaled to HD resolutions and other technical improvements. I also saw Silent Hill: Book of Memories, a new sioent hill game for the vita. Again, this game played very much like a Diablo game only set in the silent hill universe. You create your character, and then roam around what seemed to be randomly generated dungeons. The only major difference seemed to be a lack of a loot system, so no collecting weapons and armour to sell on.

I then went over to the EA booth to have a go with Need for Speed: Most Wanted. This game has me excited just by the premise: one of the classic Need for Speed games, brought back by Criterion Games, one of the best racing devs out there. The demo invokved a street race, followed by evading the cops after compleating said raice. The game was tons of fun to play and there was a real sense of speed in the game that you would struggle to find in any other.

Next on my E3 adventures was Darksiders 2 over at the Microsoft booth. This will probably be one of my favourite games of E3. Darksiders 2 seems to improve on the original in all ways, new character Death is much more agile than War and as a result moves a lot faster both in combat and traversal. There is also now a loot system in place, almost every enemy will drop a weapon or armour and you can immedietly equip it or just pick it up to sell later. This system is much simpler than other games, as they use detailed information, Darksiders 2 just tells you the basics and lets you go from there.

Finally, i headed over to the Nintendo booth go play some of the newly announced Ningendo Land games. There were 5 on show, all quite a lot of fun. It would probably take too long to describe each minigame in detail so I'll just say that each one was a ton of cun and I can't wait to see what the other 7 games are like if they even come close to the quality of those on show today.

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