Friday, 8 June 2012

E3 Round up Day 3

E3 is now over, and as the exhibitors pack up and go home there is still time to write up what I saw on that last day. Day 3 was a day of waiting, I'd seen pretty much everything thst i wanted to see and all that was left were games thst had huge long lines. So wait i did.

To start off the day, I headed straight for the Konami booth and got my hands on Metal Gear Rising Revengence. Many will know that this is being developed my action game extrordinaires Platinum Games, creators of Bayonetta and other classic titles. So it wont be hard to believe me wheb I say that game was great fun to play. Playing much like Bayonetta or Devil May Cry with added slowmotion slicing that you can freely direct by holding the R1 button and flicking the right analogue stick.

After that one hour wait, I went to play a game that had no line at all: Sega All-stars Racing Transformed. I'll admit that I was more attracted to this game because the demo stations had chairs and my feet were killing me after the line for Metal Gear, but the game was surprisingly fun. It started out pretty normal much like any kart racing game but after my first lap, the road gave way and I was suddenly racing in a river. By the third lap, my kart had transformed into a plane and i was flaying through a canyon in this race. Was a nice surprise and was far better than I expected, however it just wasn't all that fun to play so I won't be looking out for it.

Playing one mediocre game was followed by another, Scribblenauts: Unlimited fir WiiU. It was easy to see the potential but I guess it was ruined by my lack of creativity. I found myself unsure as to my objectives and what i could do and I was constantly moving my head up and down between the TV and the WiiU screen which gave me a good amount of neck ache. To add to my frustrations, the new object creator was far too complicated for me to understand. There were seemingly hundreds of options available, none of which I understood the meaning of. Regardless of these misgivings, I'm going to reserve judgement since the Scribblenauts series has always been great and I think a loud show floor is a bad place to demo what is primarily a puzzle game.

Next it was off to the Nintendo booth to get my hands on ZombiU, the new zombie shooter for the WiiU from Ubisoft. I was initially sceptical of this game as Ubisoft is known more for quantity of games rather than quality when it comes to Nintendo, but I'm glad to say I think my skepticism was misplaced. The demo I was playing was a 2 player vs mode where the objective was to capture all the control points, much like any first person shooter these days. The twist is that the person with the WiiU controller controlls the placement of zombies while the other player is a survivor. This essentially means that you've got a real time strategy game, going against an FPS and it works really well. I had a lot of fun playing and it made for some gr  3eat moments during the demo, I'm now keeping a keen interest in this game.

Still at the Nintendo booth, it was time for me to have a go with Pikmin 3. This was a timed demo but it allowed me to get down all of the basics and surprise surprise, it playes just like Pikmin 1 and 2, you gather pikmin up and direct them to do your bidding. The new rock pikmin didn't seem to add much but this is coming from someone who has only played a little kf the first one. It certainly seemed a lot of fun but doesn't seem far different from my memories of 1.

Now it was time to play DMC, the new reboot of Devil May Cry. This game has had fans up in arms ever since it's first announcement, with the complete changing of the character and combat systems, not to mention the move to developer Ninja Theory, creators of Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, these fans should not worry though as the game is a ton of fun. The combat is now completely different, targeting is automatic and you now what can be called heavenly and devil modifiers. You have standard attacks on the square, circle and triangle buttons but holding L2 or R2 modifies these attacks. Devil attacks are slower but much more powerful and heavenly attacks are much quicker. This can make for some great combos if you mix all three of these up. Also, this game is beautiful, every environment is so colourful and can shift and change instantly making it both unpredictable and fun to play.

Then it was back to the Nintendo booth to get some time with the newly announced Project P-100, a new game from the team at Platinum Games behind Viewtiful Joe and it shows. The art style of the game is very comic book orientated and wild. Gameplay has the player control a group of heroes, these heroes can then be moved into different shapes to activate powers. For example, a line will form a sword, a circle will form a fist. The demo was only 10 minutes long but it was enough for me to have a lot lf fun with. If this is a launch title, it may tip me over the edge into buyingva WiiU.

After that I finally got around to playing New Super Mario Bros U. It was what you would expect, the graphics looked a lot better and it was fun to play, but it was hardly any different from NSMB on the Wii. The WiiU controller addex barely anything to the game with it's toch screen controls, the idea is that a fith player can stun enemies and create blocks to help out the other players but this functionality didn't make the game any better or worse.

To finish up my E3 experience, I headed over to the Microsoft booth for a half hour wait followed by Resident Evil 6. The RE6 demo starts out with the choice of playing as Chris, Leon or new character Jack. I went for Leon which seemed to be going for the more horror vibe which is hard to do in a noisy convention center. The game itself played well enough, like a standard third person shooter but I just was not having fun. It's hard to put my finger on it but the gameplay felt so mediocre that I struggled to enjoy it, it probably didn't help that it was going for horror in a noisy room, as I just mentioned. To it's merit, RE6 looks amasing, the lighting, textures and character models all looks top notch, it's just a shame the gameplay didn't match the looks.

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