Thursday, 7 June 2012

E3 Day Two Round Up

Day two is done ajd dusted and we are now over half way done with E3. Day two is also the longest day of E3 and so I saw a LOT of games out on the show floor.

First up were two games that are pretty known quantities already, Spec Ops: The Line and Lollypop Chainsaw. Spec Ops was pretty decent, its very much acsolid shooter, similar to Gears of War in it's cover mechanic. The hook seems to lie in the story, this mystery of everyone evacuating dubai, only being left with a bunch of survivors with guns or military squadron, both of which seem to have gone crazy and want to kill you. I would say i've been more attracted to the game by it's trailers than any demo I've played.

Lollypop Chainsaw was a ton of fun, the game playes pretty much like Devil May Cry or Bayonetta except you play as an 18 year olhighd school cheerleader. The whole demo felt self aware and very funny, it also had a sort of comic book style to it too. Since it's being made by Grasshopper Manufacture, you can be gaurunteed that it's going to be absolutley insane all the way through the full game.

After those two known quantities, it was time to go for something experimental with Dragonball Z Kinect. This game was plain stupid but so brilliant in it's stupidity. You have to pose to charge up your Ki and then do different gestures for different moves, unleash a flurry of punches ajd kicks or power up a Kamehameha. All these actions make you look like a complete burk and it's fantastic, anyone who doesn't want to take themselves seriously while playing Kinect (which is everyone who owns a Kinect) will love this game.

Next it was off to the Microsoft booth to check out what they had showing. Huge lines to see both Halo 4 and Gears of War Judgement left those out of the question for me but ther were many more interesting games on the floor. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD was pretty impressive, the demo on show was of the hangar level from THPS2 and it brough many a memory back. The game played pretty much like THPS3, no advanced techniques from the much later games, just simple flips, grabs, grinding and manuals and it was pretty fun, definatley one for the fans.

I then wondered over to play Dust: An Elesian Tale and this game looked breathtaking. The graphics are all 2D art but of such incredible detail and animation, it was by far one of the best looking games of the show. The actual gameplay seems to be reminicient of Castlevania, it's a 2D sidescrolling fighter in a large world that you'll be able to explore in the full version.

Next up was over at the sony booth to play Playstation Allstars Battle Royale. To say that this game takes heavily from Super Smash Bros would be understatement, it plays almost exactly like that. The only real difference is the idea of supers, you build up a super meter by doing damage to your opponents which you can then unleash for crazy damage. This similarty to Smash Bros is by no means a bad thing, Smash Bros is so much fun to play so the ability to play with Playstation characters is only a plus in my opinion.

Then it was off to the nintendo booth to get my hands on a a WiiU game: Game and Wario. This was another minigame collection so i wont go into great detail on all 4 of the games but each one was pretty fun making good use of the WiiU controller, a bow and arrow target practice demo which had you pointing and aiming with the controller and using the touch screen to pull back the bow and fire.

Then I had a quick go with one of the Wii fit U games, this one had you holding the WiiU controller up to the Tv and using it to aim, then leaning forward on the balance board with one foot to spray a jet of water at the target. The objective of this was to clean all the people out by spraying them with water. While this was a lot of fun, I couldn't help see that my character was more likely using a hight pressure hose to disperse a protest under the guise of "making them clean" but it was fun and hard work regardless.

It was then back off to the Sony booth where I had a go with Little Big Planet Karting. I have to admit I was very skeptical of this as Modnation Racers was meant to be seen as Little Big Planet for racing games but LBP: Karting is completely different. The karts drive very differently to those in Modnation along with completely different mechanics and signiture sounds that definatly make it an LBP game and nothing else.

Sleeping dogs was up next, a game previously known as True Crime: Hong Kong, which was cancelled and then brought back in this form. The demo was a rather short section where you have to chase down a gang member. The chase itself was vert reminicient of Assassin's creed, running through large crowds, trying not to crash into anyone while chasing your target. This then ends with a fight against said gang members thugs, the combat system felt like one of the Batman Arkham games, a simple punch or counter button press in the direction you point yourself. This comes with the ability to grab your enemies which you cab theb kill with many objects in the environment, such as sticking their head into an airduct if you want to make absolutley sure theyre dead.

Lastly was a half hour demo for Lost Planet 3. I have been doubtful of this game ever since it's announcement concidering the people behind it Spark Unlimited, makers of such terrible games as Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Legendary so not exactly top class developers. However Lost Planet 3 was surprisingly good, graphically it looked absolutley stunning and the story seemed pretty interesting. You play as a miner on the newly discovered EDN 03 with a family back home, looking for work wherever he can get it. The gameplay has changed quite a lot from the originals, the cursor is no longer "floaty" so aiming is now like every other third person shooter. Now when outside, you have to deal with storms, a strong one can completely freeze up your mech so you'll have to go out and shoot the ice out. The game certainly wasn't shouting out as the greatest thing ever to me, but if you consider the people behind it, it's miracle that game is as good as it is.

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