Tuesday, 29 May 2012

E3 Predictions: Sony

It is now exactly seven days until the E3 show floor opens up, and people from all around the world will be there to see the latest games and hear the latest announcements. Today I'm going to be having a stab at what Sony may or may not be showing off.

This year, I think Move is going to take a bit of a back seat when it comes to the press conference. There will of course be announcements and they will talk about sales of move enabled games like Resistance 3 and exclusive games like Sorcery, but I think we will probably see more games that have move features, maybe The Last of Us will be announced as move enabled.

Sony is most likely going to put much more effort into the Vita this year, hailing it as the future of handheld gaming. Sales have been relatively poor when compared to even the PSP during the same period since launch. So Sony is going to want to give people a reason to buy one. I expect we'll see Little Big Planet Vita on stage along with Killzone vita and, of course, Call of Duty on the Vita and a string of new titles announced for the console, because boy does it need new titles. We may even see new features and apps for the vita announced and released for download. If they really want to shock people though, they could announce a price cut for the vita, though I'm doubtful this will happen so early on in the consoles life even though Nintendo did the same, they did it a couple of months later.

PS3 games themselves are looking to astonish. It's been heavily rumoured that Quantic Dream head, David cage will be at the Sony press conference to show off their latest game, and if their latest tech demo is anything to go by, the game is going to look absolutely astounding. Insomniac will most likely be there to show off their latest game Overstrike, even though that's coming to the Xbox as well, I'd be willing to believe that they would first show it off at Sony's press conference. Infamous developers, Sucker Punch have also been hinting at an E3 reveal, whether that's going to be Infamous 3, or a whole new franchise. They won't be showing off the new Sly Cooper game as that's being handled by a completely different studio. The new God of War will be there, probably the first showing of the single player, as Sony has shown a decent amount of the multiplayer in the past. Playstation all stars will definitely be on the show floor, but I doubt there will be much of a conference presence other than a trailer.

We may also begin to see hints of next gen technology. While I don't think we'll be seeing full on reveals, Epic has been saying how Unreal Engine 4 will have quite a presence at E3. It's hard to say whether that means we'll be seeing a demo during either Microsoft or Sony's press conference or not at all. I would like to imagine that they will have at lease a small presentation during at least one of the press conferences but they might save it for their own, behind closed door presentation. Sony have come out and said, much like Microsoft, that they will not be showing any new hardware this year. So Playstation 4 will be saved for next year.

There are of course the big surprises to come as well, but these by their very nature, are impossible to predict. New games will be announced, as well as features and deals. I'd hope that something amazing will be announced but Sony has never been one for massive surprises.

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