Wednesday, 30 May 2012

E3 Predictions: Nintendo

The countdown to E3 continues and now comes the turn of Nintendo to see what I can imagine they'll be coming up with at this years show.

This year I imagine will be very WiiU focused. We're going to see demos of actual games that will be available to purchase later in the year. We're likely to see games that already have WiiU versions announced like Batman: Arkham City or Darksiders 2, along with new announcements from Nintendo themselves. We'll probably see the Retro Studios developed and heavily Star Fox WiiU title, along with the obvious Mario game that just has to be on the system at launch. If not that we may finally see Pikmin 3, or a third Wii Sports game is very likely or a game equally useful to show off the WiiU's tech.

Features of the WiiU will probably be a big thing too, things like online services and how the store shall be handled, along with downloads game storage. Pricing and a release date is also possible but I won't be surprised if they decide to hold that off for regional events much like they did for the Wii.

The 3DS will also have a good showing, we'll most likely see New Super Mario Bros 2 and Luigi's mansion along with some other new announcements. Nintendo don't have much else currently announced so we may see a few surprises on the 3DS like a new Metroid game. Kingdom Hearts will probably be on show too though more likely through just a trailer and not demo.

It's hard to imagine that Nintendo will give much time to the Wii. They'll be looking to bow it out of the race and retire it, though we may see one last hurrah in some form of small game announcement but I don't expect there to be any massive announcements on that front. Any time dedicated to the Wii is less time dedicated to the WiiU so Nintendo won't want to go deep in with the Wii.

Overall, Nintendo has the most to show and has managed to keep the most of it hidden away. No one really has any idea what new games we'll see for the WiiU so this year's E3 is almost going to be a re-announcement of the console. New games and features will be shown this year whereas last year was all tech demos (though they were all fun!). The only real rumours are of the new Star Fox game which is likely to be announced, I personally don't think the WiiU smash bros is going to be there in any shape other that a slide in the press conference. Project Sora just got finished with Kid Icarus, I would be amazed if they had something to show so shortly after finishing that, but I could be proven wrong.

Regardless, I'm looking most forward to what Nintendo has to show, they've managed to keep so much under wraps and have so much they could potentially reveal. This year's E3 is going to be good to them, and many will be talking about their new console.

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