Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Kinect Star Wars Gets a Release Date

The Kinect has seen little in the way of support for games that don't really involve dancing or fitness in some way and Kinect: Star wars looked to be one of the few games that won't involve you pretending you can dance or you can lose fat. Problem is, that game was originally slated for Christmas 2011 and then got delayed to Febuary 2012, then February rolled around with absolutley no word from Microsoft as to a release.

Well worry no more! As Eurogamer tells, Microsoft have gone ahead and given us a release date for both the game and the awesome looking Kinect Star Wars Xbox. The 3rd of April is when we get it, right up against those potential hits nothing, and bugger all.

These delays have me very worried for the quality of the game, not only the delays but also the complete silence from Microsoft to confirm it. I wouldn't be surprised if the game was so delayed because they couldn't get the game right all this time. I imagine it was only a viable option to release the game because the bulk of the hardware was ready for distribution around Christmas and that hardware needs a star wars game to be sold with it. I predict that Kinect star wars is going to be a glitchy, horrible mess due to this since it seems clear to me that Microsoft has no confidence in the product itself. I could be wrong though and these delays have benefited a game that was in a bad state but has now been saved, we'll find out soon enough.

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