Thursday, 9 February 2012

Double Fine Sets up Kickstarter Page, Breaks Records

Double fine has been on a bit of a roll recently, releasing a Costume Quest, Stacking, Sesame Street and Happy Action Theater to name just a few projects in the past year and a half with all of them being at least moderately successful for the company. You might think that all this would leave them able to pursue whatever projects they want but you'd be wrong.

Even with the recent hiring of adventure game legend Ron Gilbert (Creator of Monkey Island), Double Fine has had no luck find a publisher to fund their "dream game" a game that has been in the ideas book since before Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island. So they decided to ask the internet for help by setting up a page on Kickstarter, asking for pledges for this project. In less that 8 hours, they hit their target of $400,000 and donations will be running for another 33 days.

The game itself promises to be an old school style adventure game, like Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle, not much else has been said. There will be full coverage for those who have made a pledge, anyone giving more than $15 will be given access to a documentary being filmed by 2 player productions about the game with a new episode every month, much like how Super Giant Games did their behind the scenes stuff with Bastion.

I think this is fantastic to see. The very fact that people are able and willing to fund the development of a game before anything of it is seen is unbelievable. Not only that, but the donations are coming in so fast, I wouldn't be surprised if they hit the $1million mark but midnight tonight. I myself will be making a pledge tomorrow, I really think that if anyone else out there is a fan of Psychonauts, or any of the old Lucasarts adventure games, it will be worth your time to make a pledge to this fund. If you're not convinced enough, click on the Double Fine logo on the kickstarter page, it's actually a video.

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