Friday, 10 February 2012

Double Fine Kickstarter Hits $1Million, Almost at 1.5

After yesterdays news of Doublefine looking to fund their next game, it seems they went and broke another kickstarter record. As I predicted, the fund hit $1,000,000 in just under 24 hours.  Now only that, it's just about to hit $1.5million at the end of today.

This is sure to make this game amazing, Doublefine have said that every extra penny is going straight into the development of the game and the documentry to go with it. If this continues, I could see this reaching around $10,000,000 by the end of the 30 days. which is reaching  the cost of a full on console game although that wouldn't include marketing costs.

This game could be something big, and it really speaks to how determined fans can be to get a game developed. When publishers would refuse funding for this game, all it took was a donation page and over 40,000 people gave money to the development making the average donation running at around $40. So not only does it show that the game could be successful, people are willing to spend an average of $40 without even seeing and actual product. Had this gone through the normal channels, this game could have been a full on $50 or $60 game and people would probably still buy it.

If you haven't made a donation yet, I urge you to. This is a game that could literally change how the industry works if it is at all successful. The page is here.

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