Tuesday, 31 January 2012

THQ Finds Itself in More Trouble

It's no secret that THQ has been in trouble these past few weeks. Starting out with rumors of them cancelling all projects slated for 2014, then on to studio closures and reshuffling of staff. Even though we've seen great games like Saint's Row: the third, THQ has clearly had better days.

This was further cemented today when THQ was threatened delisting by nasdaq, since their stock price seemed to be stuck under the $1 required price to be on the nasdaq listing. As Giant Bomb reports, THQ basically have 30 days to up their stock price or else they'll no longer be listed, which will end up making their price fall even further.

While they could recover, this pretty much seems like the death of THQ. It's hard to see how they could recover from this especially after such a big release like saints row 3, one would think that game would propel the back into the good books. However it seems not, and THQ is going to have to pull a miracle out if it hopes to recover it's stock price.

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