Friday, 13 January 2012

Old Republic Gets it's First Major Patch

The Old Republic has been out for a good month or so now and Bioware has decided that it's time to announce and release a trailer for their first major content update. This first content will be a quest line concentrating on the rakghouls, what are essentially fast zombie in star wars. The new content will only be available to those who have reached the level cap of 50.

The rakghouls featured in the previous Knights of the Old Republic games, so while there are some that are screaming "zombies in star wars already" it's not really the same thing. True, something like this would probably be more appropriate during Halloween but then this may have a big impact on the story.

This fast implementation of new content is surprisingly good for such a large game. This hopefully shows that Bioware is looking to be constantly updating the game with new content all the time. It really makes me hopeful that the game will evolve over time. The game could be completely different this time next year and I can't wait to see.

the trailer is up over at have a look.

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