Thursday, 5 January 2012

New XCOM Game Revealed

So it seems that complaining and moaning about a game's direction can help get projects started. Some may remember the initial unveiling of XCOM, a remake of a classic PC strategy game. This is going to be a first person shooter on consoles, much like about 90% of video games these days.

This announcement of an FPS XCOM had many fans of the originial up in arms over the direction it was taking.  Since a complete change in genre could potentially make people think "Why bother attatching the XCOM name to it if it's nothing like the orginal?". Well it seems that those fans prayers have been answered.

Today, Gameinformer revealed the cover for their Febuary issue and along with it, a new XCOM game called XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The game is going to be a classic take on the strategy genre, looking to be a throwback to the original and released on Xbox, PS3 and PC. Such an idea is sure to get fans of the original excited.

I think that this a cool idea, and it's sure to get those fans that were once angry, interested again. I've no personal attachment to the original but I can understand being upset over a game that becomes something completely different to what the name should imply. I imagine this will be some sort of cheaper option on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN rather than a full retail game in order to drum up support for the FPS.

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