Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Binary Domain Trailer Pushes Back Release date

Binary Domain has been generally ignored by many. However, i'm one who has taken a bit of a keen interest in it. I wrote a very brief paragraph about the game, back when I played it at E3 but I had some fun with the game.

Today, Sega released a new trailer with a release date pushed back by one week to the 24th of Febuary, just in time for the release of...not much else.

The trailer looks pretty cool and has me quite hopeful for the quality of the game. While it wasn't perfect at E3, I enjoyed my time with the game and back then, they hadn't implemented voice controls. I can see this game turning out to be something memorable and fun to play, if they manage to do things right. The key thing will be voice controls and using them effectively. If they work, it kinda shows that the kinect features in Mass Effect 3 are pretty much unnecessary since they can be done well with a head set. Roll on the 24th of Febuary and we'll find out.

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