Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Max Payne 3 Gets Delayed

It seems that this year has seen many delays already. We've seen Silent Hill, and SSX get small delays but now it lies to Max Payne to be delayed as well. This time, it shall be from it's original release date of March, into May 2012, the same month that Rockstar released LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption.

Giant Bomb has a full news story on the delay. Apparently, a reason wasn't cited but it's probably just due to missed deadlines or something. Probably nothing spectacular.

The game itself looks to be shaping up nicely, graphically it looks amazing and, from previews, it sounds like it's going to remain faithful to the originals. One thing that can be guaranteed is that the game will have that attention to detail and refinement that only Rockstar can produce. Usually through god awful working conditions for those on the development team, but the game itself will probably be amazing despite this.

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