Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Shifting World Announced. Based on Flash Game Shift

Shift is a pretty neat flash game that you can currently play right now. In fact, it has proved so popular that developer Fishing Cactus has seen fit to make a version of it for the 3DS.

"Shifting World: Is the Floor the Roof, or the Roof the Floor?" is a game for the 3DS that will be based on the popular flash game "Shift". The gameplay will involve "Shifting" levels to complete puzzles and objectives. The game also promises to make use of 3D as well. Players can switch 3D on or off by pressing a button, which implies a gameplay mechanic of some sort.

It always warms my heart when a small game, such as a flash based browser game, manages to breakthrough onto consoles. Super meat boy was an excellent game that had similar roots along with Alien Hominid. Shift is a pretty addictive game on it's own, with a very unique mechanic that's really interesting. It's worth having a quick play to see what Shifting World will be like. The game will release in 2012.

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