Friday, 16 December 2011

Giant Bomb Interviews "Stepto" About Security

Microsoft has recently been at the end of a rather large number of complaints regarding their security, mainly that people have been having their Xbox live accounts hijacked and then racked up huge bills with Fifa 12 Ultimate team packs. This type of thing usually comes about through leaked passwords or phishing scams.

The big source of complaints though has been Microsofts tech support which has, in some cases, put accounts "under investigation" for over 90 days. Under investigation means that the user is unable to access Xbox live at all during that time, no online, no messaging, sometimes not even the ability to load game saves.

Giant Bomb went and had a look into this issue a couple of days ago but had very little to conclude since Microsoft were completely silent and unresponsive to any of their calls. However, since running the story, Microsoft got back to them with a full interview with Stephen "Stepto" Toulouse, Xbox Live's director of policy and enforcement (basically meaning the ultimate moderator of Xbox live).

It's a really interesting and refreshingly transparent read. Stepto clearly goes out of his way here to address the most important issues and keep people informed. Though Overall, Microsoft could be doing a better job of explaining the situation of hacked accounts to people, this certainly addresses it on some level. As someone who had their account hacked into a resolved by Microsoft, I found the whole experience to be a massive inconvenience. Not only that, I felt like there was a lack of communication, there was a grand total of 2 phone calls and one chat session that I had with support, which left me feeling completely out of the loop as to what was happening with my account.

The interview does show that they are constantly working though, even if it doesn't seem it and compared to Sony, their communication with the public is astounding.

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