Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Steam Autumn Sale Has Begun

It's that time of the year again where wallets all across the world cry in anguish. Today marked the beginning of another steam sale, this one for autumn.

The sale will be running until the 27th and will have a series of games on sale rotating every day. Today we've got some great deals with Test Drive Unlimited 2 at £3.74 or Portal 2 for £6.79. There are also a string of deals going on throughout the period of the sale with every major publisher, aside from Activision, cutting the prices of their games for the sale as well.

This looks to be another standard sale from steam, in which prices may get ridiculous and many people, myself included, will end up buying more than they can afford, both financially and in terms of free time.

The sale lasts until the 27th, I bet we're going to see a whole load of crazy deals over the next few days.

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