Thursday, 3 November 2011

Spike VGA Reveals Revealed

In what is sure to be an interesting show, various tweets are giving us clues as to what will be revealed and shown during next weeks Spike VGA awards.

As Eurogamer reports, Geoff Keighley has been tweeting that bioware is making "A new game from a new studio". There are also reports of a downloadable follow up to Alan Wake, not strictly Alan Wake 2 but a continuation of some sort. As well as this, there will be a re reveal of Metal Gear Solid: Rising, which sounds most exciting.

These rumor's sound really nice. As my review showed, I really enjoyed Alan Wake, so a followup of the story or any expansion of the universe sounds good in my book. A new Bioware IP also has me excited, both Mass Effect and Dragon age are great franchises, so more Bioware is always a good thing. The most exciting thing looks to be MGS: Rising, I was worried by it's complete absence from E3 and thought it might have been canceled, so to see it coming back sounds really exciting.

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