Friday, 18 November 2011

PS3 Users of Saint's Row 3 get Saints Row 2 for Free

Released today, Saints Row: The Third has been received rather well by critics. Managing to get an 82 on metacritic so far, it's looking to be a great piece of fun and craziness.

There is also some great news for owners of the PS3 version of the game. earlier in the year, Volition promised that there would be exclusive content on the PS3 version of the game. This exclusive content never seemed to come around so Volition is giving PS3 owners a free downloadable copy of Saints Row 2.

As Eurogamer reports, this needs to be activated by redeeming the online pass that comes with the game, this can be redeemed early next week. The offer lasts until the 13th of Febuary 2012 which is plenty of time for people who pick it up for christmas or during any sales next year.

This sounds like a really good way to make up for missed promises. While some might say that there isn't much point to playing the second one if you've got the third already, but I think it's a really nice bonus to those who feel a little shafted by the lack of exclusive PS3 content.

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