Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Nintendo Delays 3DS Update by One Week

About a month ago, Nintendo of Japan detailed a new update to the 3DS firmware that sounded rather substantial. with a European release for this update originally set for November 30th.

The update will feature, among other small things, 3D video recording and playback, new puzzles for puzzle swap along with a sequel to street pass quest. Today, as Eurogamer reports, the update has been hit with a postponement.

The new date is set for December the 8th, with Nintendo stating that they need "more time to prepare". Possibly needing to prepare servers for the huge influx of people downloading the update.

While this delay is kind of disappointing, the features that are in it are quite interesting. it'll be nice to have an extension of the street pass games as I've completed them both many times over and it's got a little boring. The 3D video playback is what interests me most though, this opens up the potential for downloading movies and storing them on the SD card to watch in 3D which I think will be quite useful.

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