Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mini Review: Russian Dancing Men

I picked up this little game on a bit of a whim after hearing the mere mention that weebl of weebls-stuff.com had made a game.

Russian Dancing Men is pretty much an iOS recreation of the playstation classic Vibribbon albeit in a completely different context. You play as a group of Russian dancing men that are trying to dance their way through the world. Along every route there are 4 types of obstacles, a stump, a loop, a pit and spikes, you have to press the corresponding button for each obstacle as they come, in time to the back ground music. Sometimes this can be further complicated by having combination of obstacles at the same time.

All this is done around the context of characters and music from the website weebls-stuff.com, best known for weebl and bob and the world famous, badgers badgers badgers. Fans of the website will probably already know of these characters and the completely random lyrics that go with their songs (For example: "We're Russian and we're dancing and we always keep spare pants in case of accidents while boogieing").

This game is pretty fun, I found the randomness of the lyrics the be absolutely hilarious but that might say more about my sense of humor than anything. The gameplay makes for a nice throwback to Vibribbon and certainly feels more forgiving than I remember Vibribbon to be, but it can still get very hard, especially when it starts throwing the combinations at you. If you can get through all the levels, you'll end up having a pretty fun time. The game is certainly worth way more than the £1.29 that you have to pay so it's worth going for I'd say.

So if you've got an iphone or iPad, head over here and give it a go.

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