Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Minecraft Releasing on iOS Tomorrow

To add to yesterday's news of minecraft being finished on the PC, after many years of already being available. Minecraft has just been announced for iOS devices.

as per usual with Mojang, the majority of information has come from twitter. Minecraft developer, Jens Bergensten, also made the announcement that the game will have cross compatibility multiplayer with Android users as well.

the game is set to be costing $9.99 which translates to £6.99 on the UK app store, a little expensive for a reduced version of the game but still cheap nonetheless.

This has caught me by surprise, I knew of an iOS version in the works but Mojang were keeping pretty silent on the development of it. The android compatibility is also very surprising though i'm not sure there are many people who will make use of that. The price is a tiny bit steep but whether you get it on iOS or on PC, minecraft is a brilliant experience that is worth trying.

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