Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Minecraft is finished

Minecraft, the greatest waste of time for anyone. A game that has seen itself get catapulted to popularity with a community that is super dedicated. It is also a game that has been available to buy and download for over two years but hasn't actually been officially released yet.

Well it seems that is no more. Yesterday, on his twitter page, Minecraft creator "Notch" announced that the game has finally gone gold and is finished. This is just in time for the official release of the game along with "Minecon", the Minecraft convention, on November 18th.

While this is sure to get fans really excited, I can't say that I am at all. The game is pretty awesome and can seriously take up your time very quickly, but after a lot of time with it, I eventually got really bored with the whole thing and i haven't started minecraft up in absolutely ages. Also, I don't really think this game can ever be "released" in the strictest sense, since it has been available to buy and download for two years. Not only this, but Notch intends to update the game regularly, so this release isn't really a completely finished product but more of a milestone. With that said, I'm sure that Minecraft will have a fantastic launch and may even get some places to review it!

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