Wednesday, 30 November 2011

MGS HD Ultimate Collection Losing MGS1, Gaining A T-Shirt

Adding to the European delay, it looks like there are more problems for the release of the Metal Gear Solid HD collection over here. Originally, Zavvi had a fantastic sounding deal, with a collectors edition that would feature MGS 2, 3, Peace walker and a download code for the original MGS along with some art cards and a steel book case.

However, today Zavvi sent out an email to all pre orders and has pulled the listing for the fore mentioned deal. Now the collection will no longer have the download code for MGS 1 but will feature a free t-shirt and 250-page art book. Not only that, but to make up for the changes, Zavvi has decided that all current pre orders will receive a free copy of MGS4 to help their woes.

These changes sound understandable, it seems that the "Ultimate" bundle has been made for the Xbox as well so these changes seem appropriate to turn it multi platform. Zavvi should also be commended for adding the little extra of MGS4 as well, though you could argue that anyone who has pre ordered already has MGS 4, but it's wrong to complain about a free offering.

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