Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Humble Introversion Bundle Announced

The humble indie bundle has become a bit of a standard thing right now. The concept is rather simple, every now and then, a bunch of independent developers will get together and bundle their games into one package. This package is then put up on www.humblebundle.com where people can pay whatever they want for the games (so long as it's over $0.01).

Customers can even choose where their money goes, with some money being able to go to Child's Play, a charity dedicated to getting games to sick children in hospitals. This is completely customisable via sliders, you could have it all go to charity or all to the developers and anywhere in between.

Today they announced the humble Introversion a bundle made up of all the games from British indie dev Introversion. For those that don't know, introversion are best known for Darwinia, a tactical game with a unique art style, as well as Uplink, and Defcon, two fantastic games that have a simple premise but are great fun to play.

not only that, but anyone who makes a purchase above the average price of around $3.50 (the price fluctuates of course) you get Aquaria and Crayon Physics as well, so that's 6 games for only like £2.50 a fantastic deal.

I'm definatley going to be dipping into this, though i've already got all the introversion games, the price is right for the extra games and i they are all steam games too.

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