Friday, 21 October 2011

Portal 2 to Get More DLC

Some unsurprising and some surprising news. Unsurprisingly, Valve has announced some more DLC for Portal 2 and it will be absolutley free, just like their previous DLC for all their other games. What is surprising though is the content of this DLC. As part of this new DLC, Portal 2 will receive an in game map editor.

As Giant Bomb reports, Valve says the the Editor will be easy to use, which suggests something completely different to the tools that they provide already. They also mention that Players will be able to view play an vote on player levels so an in game browser looks likely for sure.

Details are sure to be shown later on in the year, with valve saying that we can expect to see the DLC early next year, so probably around April, knowing Valve.

This sounds awesome, currently the mapping scene for Portal 2 on PC is very "underground" so to speak. At the moment, you have to download map files, put them in the right folder, then manually start them up in the game by typing out the path. It's great to see some support from Valve happening now, if a little late. I think we can also expect this custom stuff to be made available to PS3 users as well, though I don't tihnk so on 360, Microsoft likes to keep a closed lid on these things.

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