Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Revealing Interview With Harmonix

For me, Rock band is probably one of the greatest games that was ever created It introduced me to a whole world of amazing music that i otherwise would never have known about. During the release of all these games, you have to wonder what it was like to work in this highly competitive genre of the games industry

Over on Giant Bomb, there is a really interesting interview with a few of the key members of Harmonix.

The first part of this interview covers things like the MTV buyout and then return to independence later on. It also covers the so called "arms race" between Harmonix and Activision with Guitar Hero.

Worth noting is that the interview is actually conducted by Alex Navarro, a former employee of Harmonix who worked in their community management area. As a result, the interview is quite candid and seems to be really go in depth into the inner workings at the time.

Though thats not so say it reveals all, the people at Harmonix were being rather cryptic on the future of Rock Band

It's a really interesting read if you have any interest in what Harmonix is up to and what they may do in the future. Certainly cool to see a sort of post-mortem on the whole music game genre wars. The second part will apparently be up quite soon so look out for more interesting info.

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