Thursday, 6 October 2011

Massive Final Fantasy XIV Patch released

Today saw what could be the actual start of Final Fantasy XIV. Having come off a terrible launch, Square Enix extended the free part of their new MMO first for 2 months, then indefinitely. This was because the entire development team was changed over, Square-Enix were essentially starting over the development, after having released the product they made.

It seems today marks a big change for the game with a gigantic patch being released. The patch notes, which are 37 pages long, can be read here. There are all monor of features, tweaks and bug fixes which are far too numerous to name here.

This really looks like it might be starting to turn around for this game. I have to hand it to square-Enix for their dedication to it, I can imagine most other companies would just shelve the project and start work on new MMO instead. It seems Square-Enix are determined to have a product that is actually worth purchasing. This clearly doesn't fix all the issues with the game like repeating geometry, but it's a certainly a very good start. I really hope that they turn this around, who knows? It might be worth getting soon.

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  1. Well I guess this is part of Square-Enix wild cards to keep their players back or it will be too late for them. Well I really looking forward for good feedback before to turn back and play again..

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