Monday, 10 October 2011

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Now Official

If you've been following the saga of multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, you'll know how it has been rumored, squashed, re-rumored and squashed over and over. Well rumor no more! The latest Cover for the Official Xbox Magazine has been revealed, and with it, the official announcement of multiplayer in Mass Effect 3.

No details of it have been revealed, as the magazine hasn't been released yet. The magazine is due to be released on October 18th so all the details shall be known then.

This sounds pretty awesome to hear. While some might hate the idea of development time being spent on multiplayer stuff, I think the idea sounds pretty cool. We've already seen good multiplayer in a single player-focused game, with Uncharted 2. I imagine that the multiplayer will focus on some sort of side story, completely unrelated to the main story, or maybe a humans vs geth style game. regardless, we'll find out on the 18th

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