Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mini review: Vid Rhythm

Today Rock band and Dance Central developers, Harmonix, released their first in house developed iphone app. Called Vid Rhythm, the app manages to make music out short split second clips that you give it.

The process is simple, you pick a music backing from the list of 20, then a visual style to go with the video and then you record your clips for each part. This is usually a sound like a drum bear or a note. Once you have given it your clips, you can then marvel as it works it's magic and creates a music video using the samples you gave it.

The app is a cool little thing, it's not really a game, but it's still quite fun to mess around with and create videos. You can upload directly to facebook and youtube to share easily. I've only had it for a few hours, and that's probably how long it will last me at most, but there are worse things you could do with £1.49. If you have an iphone, it's worth checking out and having a play around.

Here are some videos I did with Vid Rhythm:

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