Thursday, 29 September 2011

I Am Alive Re-Announced

In an attempt to remind people of it's existence, Ubisoft has gone and re-announced I Am Alive today. Alongside a press release, they released a trailer for the game, announcing it for PS3 and 360, though no mention of a PC version.

As Eurogamer reports, the game still looks to keep the post apocalyptic setting

"I Am Alive follows an everyman's journey to find his wife and daughter, who were lost during the Event,"

Thought by many to be cancelled or, at the very least in development limo, this announcement comes as some quite good news, though it is surprising that it will now be coming as an online downloadable and not a full retail any more.

This is good news to hear. I thought that I Am Alive was never going to see the light of day anywhere or in any form. The idea of it sounded rather unique, but unique ideas are never big sellers at retail. It's much better placed as a downloadable, and lets hope that it is both good as well as unique.

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