Tuesday, 13 September 2011

EA Releases Featureless Tiger Woods On PC and Mac

The last major Tiger Woods game to be released on PC was all the way back in 2008, so to hear that Tiger Woods 12 would eventually be coming to the PC and Mac must have got many PC only golf fans rather excited. It seems that this is not the case, with the PC version lacking many of the features of the console counterpart.

Giant bomb has done a god summing up of the whole situation that started with this post on reddit:

"On Tuesday EA released Tiger Woods 12: The Masters for the PC and Mac. It was the first Tiger Woods game for PC since 2008 and myself and many others I knew were excited for its release.


That's a link to the forums discussing the game (It's to the TWO forums, but most of the discussion is about the newly released game). EA had blatantly lied to its entire consumer base by promising multiple features that were not included in the game itself.

The only multiplayer available is through an expensive online service called Tiger Woods Online and the single player is nearly non-existent. To purchase clothing or equipment upgrades for your character, you are forced to spend actual money with no work around.

EA receives most of its hate for it's decisions with larger games, but this is just another reason why EA is quite possibly one of the worst game companies ever to exist.

EDIT: Another thing to mention.

The graphics are awful. Picture 1 --- Picture 2

That's on maximum settings at the highest resolution the game supports.

A console port to the PC was all that was expected. Instead, EA decided to strip out more than half of the key features and only managed to add a cash shop."

Another important feature that was missing from the game was the "caddie experience", something that was even advertised on the game's promo page. As well as the multiplayer, while it is there, the multiplayer is just a 3 month subscription to "Tiger Woods Online" something that's already been out for a while and is not worth the full price of the game.

Seems EA has completely messed this PC and Mac version up. Would it really have been hard for them to just port the console version over? Because what seems to have happened is that the developers just made a game completely from scratch with worse graphics and less features, making it not worth the money at all.

The good news from this is that EA are refunding people who ask for one, but I fear this could just mean the EA are less likely to spend money on PC development in the future.

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