Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bodycount Developer Looking To Be Closed

Looks like making lackluster games does not always guarantee you billions of dollars, unlike Call of Duty. Eurogamer reports that codemasters is looking to shut down the studio behind bodycount.

This is probably due to the response, Bodcount only managed to earn itself a 53 on metacritic, along with pretty bad sales. It debuted in the UK multi-formats chart at number 36.

Codemasters is looking to concentrate more on racing games and franchises and is pretty much telling staff members to apply for jobs in their warickshire studio

"As Codemasters looks to take greater leadership in the racing category, the company is proposing a studio structure that adds resource and strengthens our best-in-class racing teams,"

It's sad to see such a new studio fail so quickly. Bodycount was their first game and looks to be their only game. Though this has to be expected when a game performs badly from both a critical standpoint and commercially. I was looking quite forward to the sound of Bodycount, but the poor reviews and impressions led me away from it, and it's possible many others felt the same. Hopefully, this dedication to racing games will help Codemasters cement themselves as experts of the field because it seems they can't do much else.

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