Wednesday, 7 September 2011

3DS Second Analogue Addon Revealed

Looks like there was a clear reason for Nintendo handing out games, as I suspected. Giant Bomb reports that Nintendo is going to be adding a second analogue pad to the 3DS by way of a cradle.

The device will attach to your 3DS by putting your 3DS into the cradle that the attachment has. It looks incredibly awkward and ruins the design of the 3DS.

This conformation has set rumors off that there will be a new 3DS announced before Tokyo Game Show, since Nintendo will be holding a press conference just before. This new 3DS is even rumored to have a name change on top of the redesign with less of a focus on the 3D aspect.

I'm starting to see this as an act of desperation Nintendo's part. The whole thing just screams "We added this stick here, that makes it all better right!?". Not only that, but this thing is very likely to split up the user base of the console, and that's never a good thing.

I honestly hope that Nintendo manages to bounce back after the initial poor sales of the 3DS. It's a great console but it's in need of some great games that we're just not seeing yet. Sure we have them coming soon, like Starfox and Mario Kart, but that's the main reason we're not seeing good sales. Not because of the lack of a stick or the price (though those are big factors) but because there is about one good game for it.

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  1. I actually read this xD

    God, that looks bloody stupid. If that was necessary... Why not just have it included in the original design.

    Oh yeah, more money.