Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Team Bondi Looking Likely to Shut Down

A few days ago, Rumors surfaced of Team Bondi going bankrupt. While nothing has been officially confirmed, today Develop posted a story detailing what they had heard from an insider.

Develop reports that Team Bondi has essentially been transferred to Kennedy Miller Mitchell (KMM), a production studio based in Sydney. Their source claims that all employees of Team Bondi have been offered either a job with KMM or a severance package.

It also seems that Brendan McNamara has been seen touring the offices of KMM. This has lead many to believe that he will be joining them along with any Team Bondi members that move over.

The whole future of Team Bondi seems pretty much set in stone now. If these rumors turn out to be true, it seems unlikely that we'll ever see a game like LA Noire ever again. While the entire team could move over to KMM, I doubt anyone would want to if they knew that Brendan McNamara would be moving too. There's also the fact that Depth Analysis, the company behind the amazing facial capture in LA Noire, is in no way tied to this deal and is in trouble itself.

All this trouble has been spectacular to watch but horrible to think about. There are probably many good people who worked at Team Bondi that are never going to get the pay that they deserve. They'll either lose their jobs due to studio closure or face having to continue working in horrible conditions again. I can only hope that some good happens to these people and maybe thier working conditions will improve under KMM.

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