Thursday, 11 August 2011

Some Shops Announce Their New 3DS Price

If you're willing to spend a little extra money on a 3DS for the 20 free games, it looks like you don't have very long to do so. as of writing, it is currently 6:00pm, only a couple of hours till the shops shut and getting yourself a 3DS and connecting it online will be near impossible.

However, if you really don't care for the free games, then tomorrow is your lucky day. Tomorrow is when the price cut happens all across the world. In the UK and Europe, there has been no RRP set for the 3DS, so Eurogamer did some investigating and managed to get some prices from many shops and online stores:

  • Tesco - £115 (This is technically unconfirmed as shop staff won't commit until tomorrow)
  • Asda - £120
  • Morrisons - £120
  • Sainsbury's - £140
Online only
  • GameStop -£135
  • Gameplay - £140
  • Play - (No word from Play)
  • ShopTo - (No word from ShopTo)
  • Amazon - (No official word from Amazon)
High Street (and online)
  • Game - £150 (£145 online)
  • HMV - (No word from HMV)
  • Currys - (No word from Currys)
  • Toys R Us - (No Word from Toys R Us)
Seems quite a few are keeping rather tight lipped, though it seems Tesco is the place to go if you want a cheap 3DS. Their price is only a little over £100 which is incredibly cheap for such a new system. It's also interesting to see some reletively aggressive pricing from GameStop, often seen as America's Equivalent to Game yet managing to undercut them by £15 and also being cheaper than one of the supermarkets.

It's interesting to see such variation in prices, it seems that when there isn't an RRP, shops are happy to vary prices by as much as £35, that's as much as a whole game for the system.

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