Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Nintendo Holding Pre TGS Event Might Announce New 3DS

It seems that Nintendo might have more plans up it's sleeve in regard to the 3DS. Gamesindustry.biz reports that there are rumors that Nintendo is going to be holding a pre TGS event with some 3DS announcements.

There have also been rumors floating around that Nintendo is looking to redesign the 3DS and even give it a completely new name, this new design would include a second analogue pad. Nintendo has yet to comment on any of these rumors aside from the pre TGS event, which was confirmed by the wall street journal.

This could be the start of an entire relaunch of the 3DS. Nintendo seems sure to want to get this product out there and become just as popular as the original DS. It looks to me like the whole 20 games thing might be more of an apology to early buyers because they'll soon be releasing a new model. Right now 20 games seems excessive as an apology for a price drop, but a new model in conjunction with the price drop could potentially annoy a large amount of Nintendo fans, hence the large number of free games.

Either way, I'm happy that Nintendo feels obliged to still treat such fans with gratitude and respect. It's something you don't see often and, as I said in a previous post, they're doing a much better job at damage control than Sony ever did.

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