Monday, 1 August 2011

New Trailer for Bodycount

Time to talk about a game that I've known pretty much nothing about up until today. Bodycount is a first person shooter developed by much of the team behind the excellent game Black. The game will apparently be very similar in vein, with lots of explosions and destruction and a whole lot of people and what looks like robots to kill.

The game was initially revealed a few months before E3 last year with both a teaser and game play trailer being put up on youtube during E3.

As you can see, these trailers showed that the game had a long way to go before being worth any money. I have to wonder why they even showed this stuff since the game was over a year away at this point.

Fast forward a year, Bodycount was apparently back at E3, though probably behind closed doors because I saw absolutely nothing of it. The game saw many previews and interviews all looking very optimistic for the game.

Today, saw the release of a new trailer titled "Behind the Bullets" and it looks really good. The game clearly runs smoothly and it looks like the game play could be very addictive. There appear to be pick ups of some sort that could be a Bulletstorm style scoring system, which would be really fun. I found that to be one of the best parts of Bulletstorm

This game looks like it's going to be seriously fun and I can't wait to play it. Though I have to say that marketing for this game has been awful. I just found out about it and it's only a month from release (2nd of September for Europe). It defiantly looks like something worth checking out.

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