Monday, 15 August 2011

New Lollipop Chainsaw Trailer

If you know the name Suda51, you probably know that any game from him is bound to be mad and twisted. It seems his next project shall be no surprise.

Today, Gamespot released an exclusive debut trailer for Lollipop chainsaw and it looks everything you would expect it to be. The game looks to deliver on it's promises of being completely nuts, insane and may even be fun to play as well as watch.

The trailer doesn't actually show any new features. What it does show is some gameplay footage, which is great to see this close to the announcement.

I am really excited to play this game, anything from Suda 51 is guaranteed to be completely insane and twisted, much like Shadows of the Damned was. Though this may be obvious just from the pure description of it: a game where you play as a cheerleader, who is defending herself from a zombie invasion with a chainsaw and the severed head of her boyfriend. That description alone sounds brilliant enough to warrant a purchase from me.

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