Monday, 4 July 2011

Whats up with Blackrock?

With the recent layoffs and subsequent closing of the Brighton based Blackrock Studio, many might be wondering what exactly it was the 40 people left there were working on. Not to mention why on Earth Disney would want to shut down a studio that had proven to be making quality games. Well it seems Eurogamer might have found the answers.

Eurorogamer revealed, on Friday, that a source working at Blackrock had told them that Blackrock was working on a free to play game. Not only that, the game was only 6 months away from entering beta.

The concept was a game similar to League of Legends or DOTA, with a story based in a world where teenagers have been pulled into an alternate universe by the evil god loki. “The idea was that you had to do PvP and PvE to escape” Said their source. Apparently, Blackrock was just about finishing the pre-production side of things when Disney decided to shut the studio down.

This really makes me sad to hear, Blackrock has made two great and under appreciated games that reviewed really well, both scoring in the mid 80s on metacritic just without the sales to match. Quite honestly, I think Disney had no idea what to do with those guys, when good games are not selling well, the problem is not in the game itself but the marketing around it.

The concept for the game sounded really good as well. Not only that, but a free to play game would have netted Disney millions of dollars much like battlefield heroes did for EA. It's a shame to see them close with such an interesting idea but let's hope the people from Blackrock manage to find new jobs with the recently formed Roundcube Entertainment.

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