Friday, 15 July 2011

New Microsoft OS to bring peace and harmony to all Microsoft devices in the land

Yesterday, tech website This is my next reported that at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, Andy Lees talked about a "Single Ecosystem" for Microsoft products. What he essentially meant was the PCs, phones, and consoles will all share the same operating system.

While it's a little more complicated than sharing the same operating system, this was essentially what he was getting at, using this pie chart as an example of what he meant.

Many have taken this to mean that we'll soon see Xbox games on a PC and vice-versa, which would quite honestly be absolutely insane. However, a feature like that could really really shake up the console market.

they also had a source that claimed that Microsoft were looking to ditch the "Windows" name in favor of something that could sound more unified.

Now if you ask me, there could be some truth to this rumor. Should Microsoft have anything at E3 2012 then now is the time to start seriously thinking about features. I'm sure somewhere there is a microsoft executive thinking this is the greatest idea known to man while an engineer is considering suicide over the work that would have to be done to get this to work. I'm sure Xbox-whatever will be amazingly powerful and have all sorts of bells and whistles that make us want to buy it, but I think it's far too early to get excited over anything. Microsoft could completely change their plans and never speak of this kind of integration again, hell it's probably certain to be in the books over there but that never means it'll actually happen.

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