Friday, 8 July 2011

Namco Bandai Files Suit Against CD Projekt Red. CDPR Respond With Confidence

Yesterday, Polish website CD Action broke the news that Namco Bandai, European publisher of The Witcher 2, is suing Witcher 2 Developer CD Projekt Red.Giant Bomb then later uncovered some more facts.

It seems that with the announcement that THQ would be publishing the console versions of the game in Europe, Namco Bandai has been surprised, as they signed a distribution deal for the PC version in Europe. They also argue that CD Projekt Red broke their contract because they removed DRM with a patch.

CD Projekt Red's Statement said:

“As with most cases, we first tried to end the dispute peacefully. Attempts failed and because of this, we hoped that our partner would send the case to the court. The agreement that we signed last year, concerned only the distribution of “The Witcher 2? for the PC. The records were carefully clarified to avoid any ambiguity.

Namco Bandai have options when choosing the priority of our distributor’s version of the Xbox 360. It could use, but not taken advantage of certain preferences. In this situation, we chose the offer that THQ made us.

Our financial situation is very good at the moment and the lack of a few million does not have any impact on current activities. Withholding of payments means only that after some time, our partner will have to give us the money.

I hope that the whole thing will end with a pre-litigation settlement. If it doesn’t, I am sure that we will win the case and then the loser will pay for our lawyers.”

Sounds like CDPR are very confident that they're in the right here. I'd be willing to bet that they were thinking this situation was going to arise and worded their contract to allow this sort of thing. They have been famously consumer friendly with no DRM on all their games on including the version of the Witcher 2 that's up on that website. It's almost like they want this to go to court just to show Namco Bandai. Will be exciting to see the outcome.

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