Thursday, 21 July 2011

EA charging people to wait in line, must also wait in line to get in line

This morning, EA officially announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available for pre order, but there have been a few complications. You may have seen this picture floating around the internet for the past couple of hours, since The Old Republic became available for pre order, in which it's shown that if you want to pre order digitally, you essentially have to be put into line to pre order.

Now prepare for a full on rant from me. What the hell is this!? EA seem to think consumers are complete idiots. The idea that you cannot guarantee yourself a game when pre ordering defeats the whole purpose in itself but to not guarantee a digital copy of a game is insane. There is nothing to manufacture, nothing to ship, nothing physical whatsoever, just a bunch of servers distributing the game client.

It's not like EA doesn't have the resources to handle the popularity of it. Sure the game will probably be super popular and loads of people will flood the servers once the game is released, which may cause problems but this is EA. EA have loads of money, they can accommodate for such a rush and be fine. The idea that they need to limit pre orders is so stupid that this has to be some sort of marketing stunt or something.

It's also worth adding that they're charging extra for the privilege of pre ordering on their store. An extra £5 is added on for anyone who pre orders from EAs Origin store. This is not a deposit that comes off the price, if you pre order from Origin, you pay £50 instead of £45 for standard or £65 instead of £60 for digital deluxe. So you are essentially being put in line to be put in line and then charged £5 for being in that line!

I don't doubt that SWTOR will be a good game, but these business practices by EA just seem really scummy

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  1. Just don't order on Origin's problem solved, Steam have stupidly over priced games when they first launch too.