Sunday, 19 June 2011

Zampella and West case going to court against Activision

Remember those creators of Call of Duty that I mention pretty much any time that I talk about Call of Duty? Well their case against Activision is now allowed to go to court. On Wednesday, the Hollywood Reporter reported that their case was allowed to go ahead along with Activision's counter suit, which was approved in March. The two could settle outside of court still, most legal action doesn't make it as far, I certainly can't remember any time that legal action regarding games actually went to court. However, it will be really exciting if it does go all the way.

While I really don't care for Modern Warfare and Call of Duty, I find this whole thing fascinating. The rebellious attitude that Zampella and West had towards their publisher was something that you never saw elsewhere in the video games industry. Personally, I'm hoping that they win this case just because I do not enjoy Activision and their business practices, and it would be nice to see them finally get bitten for how they treat their developers.

It'll also be interesting to see what comes out after the case is settled. While this legal action must take up a huge chunk of their time, Respawn Entertainment is sure to be working on something that I'm sure will impress when it's finally shown off.

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