Thursday, 2 June 2011

E3 Predictions: Third Parties Part 2

With E3 mere days away now, we're starting to see rumours turn into full on announcements. Though this shall not stop the power of my prediction.

THQ Shall be pushing for Metro: Last Light and the new Warhammer 40k game. Metro looks interesting as it is the sequel to the much loved yet slightly obscure Metro 2033, a game that managed to find an audience even with it's odd mechanics. I'm definatly interested in what a seqel will bring. From what I've heard, Warhammer 40k: Space marine, sounds pretty much like Gears of War with orcs. I wouldn't take that as a bad thing, if it manages to pull off the same feel as Gears of War but have itself in a universe that might seem new and original to many people who don't know Warhammer, then it could do well. I imagine Red faction will be there too but it will be so close to release that it won't get much attention.

Konami has a lot to live up to after last years press conference. Last year, they had a press conference that was so brilliantly bad that it was burned in the memories of ever person that watched. Games wise, they will have to have something MGS related at the show(note: this was written before today's announcement of an MGS collection). Having MGS Rising there is a must unless there has been an overhaul of some sort, with the recent rumours of Platinum Games taking over. Other than that, I can't really imagine them having anything major to announce but lets hope I'm wrong.

Ubisoft will have plenty on show between Rayman, Assassin's Creed and Ghost Recon. All these are bound to be playable on the show floor along with child of eden which I am very excited by. We could see new announcements in the form of Prince of Persia which I would like to see, that series has been far too dormant after the disappointing Forgotten Sands. I have also caught word from an insider source that Ubisoft Singapore is developing a third person shooter that is set to be announced at E3, which has me intrigued.

Namco Bandai currently has a few games in the pipeline. Of note are Soul Calibur V and Ridge Racer Unbounded, I think these games will head their show. They also have Ace Combat, Dark Souls, Armoured Core V and, most interestingly of all, Inversion a game I know nothing about. Inversion will be an interesting one to look at, it sounds like it has interesting gravity control mechanics, certainly a game I shall be looking for and hoping is playable.

Sega seems to have a few interesting games. From the looks of things, Sonic generations will be there along with House of the dead overkill for the PS3, anarchy reigns and Shinobi on 3DS. Though all these games don't really get me going, there is some interest there. We might also see another announcement from platinum games, maybe Bayonetta 2, which would be great news but I'm not going to make any bets.

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