Tuesday, 21 June 2011

We finally get some answers on EA, Crytek and Steam

Last week, we saw the mysterious disappearance of Crysis 2 from the Steam store. The game was gone without much of an explanation, only to have EA return calls with a response that steam "imposes a set of business terms" that Crysis 2 violates, hence the pulling. Then things got odder when we saw Alice appear on the steam followed by a statement from EA that it "appreciates steam decision" to allow Alice on steam.

Well yesterday, we got some answers. Giant Bomb reports that firstly, Alice was never on steam to be pulled down, it's only just come up. EA has a habit of putting up it's games on the store at the very last minute, most games from EA do not appear until after the release date.

As for Crysis 2? It seems that because Crytek did a deal with another online store to distribute DLC for the game, this violated steams terms and the game was taken down. This whole matter actually has nothing to do with EA other than the fact that they published Crysis 2.

I've been a big supporter of steam, and I must admit, I immediately took Valve's side on this matter. I'm still on Valve's side for that matter actually, doing such an exclusive deal with another company means that all those players on steam won't be able to get the DLC just through the nature of how steam works. Crytek were effectively cutting off a large section of their players from any additional content for the game.

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