Friday, 24 June 2011

Valve extends TF2 Free weekend to eternity

In a bit of a shocker, along with releasing a new "Meet the.." video for the medic, Valve have decided to just go and make Team Fortress 2 a free to play game. You can go ahead and download it now if you want!

This is sure to shake up the market of free to play games. Most current free to play games like Battlefield Heroes or a lot of Korean MMORPGs, aren't really that good or certainly can't compare to full blown retail titles. What Valve has done is take what used to be a retail game and making it free. Not only does it impact other free to play games, games like Brink now look a lot less appealing to buy when you can get a comparative experience (some might say better) from a game for free.

I think that while this is a great idea for Valve to make insane amounts of money, I do wish they would do something a little more for those who purchased the game originally. Currently, purchasers have "premium accounts" which basically means they have the ability to unlock stuff easier than those with standard. I would rather something like a £5 voucher for their online store or some cool items as the extras so far don't really feel differentiating enough.

also, here is that "Meet the Medic" video:

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