Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Valve Announces update to Team Fortress 2. Promises it to be ϋber

On Monday, Valve started the process of announcing its latest update to Team Fortress 2. Calling it the ϋber update, the announcement will be happening in a series of blog posts over this week, one every day.

Day one has been labelled as Mobster Monday, with new weapons announced for both the spy and the heavy. For the Heavy we have a new minigun (faster to get firing but the overall rate of fire is slower), a new shotgun (larger clip but slightly less damage done) and some new fists! (Knuckle dusters actually, that make you punch faster but for less damage). For the Spy, we have a new gun (does more damage but it takes longer for you to cloak) and a new knife (adds more cloak when you kill someone with it but your health is dramatically lowered when equipped). Also announced was a brand new Payload map called Barnblitz. The most impressive thing though is that Team Fortress 2 is having a free weekend, all week! So if you don’t have the game yet, now is your chance to give it a go as it’s currently completely free to play.

Day two has been called Timbuk Tuesday and announced updates for the Sniper and Demoman classes. The Sniper gets a new sniper rifle (rewards headshots with extra charge but this bonus goes away with any other shot) and a sword (does more damage when you have half health). The Demoman gets a new shield (increases on fire and explosive damage resistance and increases charge impact damage), a new sword (double charge recharge rate and any ammo collected becomes health) and some shiny new shoes! (Increases max health and allows you to turn easier while charging).

Also, Valve teased us with some VERY cryptic clues on what we’re going to see later on, see if you can work it out:

1) It IS a “Meet the” short

2) It involves ONE of the two remaining classes

3) It’s NOT the Pyro

4) It’s the MEDIC

Very tough to crack, but I’m sure someone will.

Once again, I can’t help but be impressed by Valve and their efforts for updating Team Fortress 2. The game has changed incredibly since its first incarnation, it’s almost like we’re now playing Team Fortress 3 but there was no clear sequel point. It’s exciting to see what else we have in store, we still have 3 days left and valve is sure to have a big surprise for us as the end.

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