Thursday, 30 June 2011

Respawn Entertainment has a website!

Yesterday saw a very exciting development from the ex-developers of Call of Duty, Respawn Entertainment has an actual website!

Now no longer just a white page with just an email address for, has become a full web page with details on the company and how they work. There is also a very quick peek at their latest project in the form of a very blurred image.

Well this tells us everything! Clearly this game is a sci-fi shooter set in a near future situation, where guns are a form of currency, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln has turned evil and takes over the world and you play as a gristled WWIII veteran sent back in time to prevent this from all happening. Oh wait, this picture actually tells us nothing and is about as good as no picture!

I have to hand it to them, they know how drum up a little hype. I can't really imagine many other people could get the start of a website so much attention (apart from maybe J.K. Rowling). While the image posted doesn't really tell anyone anything, it has sparked interest in what on earth they re making. Respawn could be starting small in their marketing, we're sure to see a lot of whatever it is they're making in the coming years.

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